Weather Map shows current conditions directly over top of maps. Zoom in and find all the local weather stations surrounding your chosen location. Travel the world and find live weather conditions displayed for exotic locations. Switch between different styles of maps. You have four types of maps to use as the underlay to display your weather. Also choose between 3 different weather display options. (Weather stations, radar and satellite)

Features Include

  • Scroll over top of maps to find weather around the world
  • Current weather conditions and temperatures on top of maps
  • 3 map styles to chose from
  • 3 Weather Maps( Radar, Weather Stations and Satellite)
  • 151 000 world cities including 44 000 US Zip codes
  • Weather is live on the maps (no time delay)
  • Status Bar displays current weather conditions( chosen city)
  • hourly forecasts for 24 hours
  • Dramatic organized graphics showing current weather
  • Current time, date, humidity, temperature
  • up to date photos of current conditions
  • search function for the weather of a chosen city
  • +++++ this app is loaded with features

    In the tradition of iLifeTouch we make apps that make your life easier one day at a time! LifeTouch is listening! If we missed something tell us. We well try our best to add features. Enjoy

    Huge thanks to the folks at www.wunderground.comfor their help in putting this app together. Huge effort!

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